Uurmi Systems is hosting the IEEE International Vehicular Electronics and Safety Conference from Dec 16-18 in Hyderabad. This conference will showcase the advancements and synergy between algorithms, hardware, and manufacturing of electronic systems for the vehicular domain.

About Us

UURMI designs embedded applications for semiconductor companies and OEMs in Communications, Defence & Aerospace, Automotive, and Consumer Electronics sectors. We provide innovative product design services such as system design, hardware implementation, software development, verification and testing.

We are experts in the development of multi-dimensional signal processing, image and video exploitation based algorithms. We develop MODEM, MAC and protocol stacks for various communication standards such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee as well as proprietary wireless systems. Our System Integration services includes porting high-performance algorithms and standards to a variety of processors and DSPs based systems, design hardware platforms, board support packages and customize OS for embedded platforms.
Computer Vision IP

Advance Driver Assistance System Applications

Uurmi's capabilities in ADAS includes pedestrian detection, blind spot detection, traffic sign recognition, backup obstacle detection, lane detection and night vision applications. more >>

Object Recognition System

Uurmi's embedded Object Recognition System is developed for applications such as video surveillance.
We license our IP for custom application development. We also provide embedded system development services to OEMs developing video surveillance solutions. more >>
Communication IP


Our configurable WiFi IP offers SoC vendors a reduction in their time to market, lower development cost and differentiate their end product. We also provide customization and integration services along with licensing the 802.11ac MAC and MODEM IP. more >>

Software Defined Radio

Uurmi's SDR supports a wide range of waveforms on its reconfigurable hardware. We also provide custom waveform development services to OEMs developing new communication devices supporting multiple Radios. more >>

Face Recognition System
Designed a complete face recognition and tracking system with more than 90% accuracy.

Smart Phone
Designed a custom form factor smart phone form factor design with reconfigurable encryption and security for defence use.
Proprietary Wireless
Developing a proprietary wireless communication system to transmit voice and data up to a distance of 25 KM.

Health Monitoring System
It gathers the location and health condition of the soldier in the feild.
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